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What Scents Will Keep Mice Away From Your Annapolis Home?

Jan 6, 2023

Mice are an unfortunate and common household pest that can damage your property and pose a risk to your health and your family. Mouse droppings, urine, and body can contaminate your water, foods, and surfaces. Mice may venture into your home for many reasons, including if they smell attractive smells.

Luckily, you can beat mice at their own game by exposing them to smells that will drive them out of your home. For best results, combine strategic aromas with a regimen of mice diversion tactics.

What scents will keep mice away? Read on to learn about the best scents that keep these pests away from your Annapolis home.

Scents That Will Keep Mice Away

Deterrent scents can only do so much to keep mice out of your home. It is essential to keep mice away by cleaning your house and keeping it clear of attractants, such as food left on the counter. Make an effort to look for holes where mice may be able to access the inside of your home.

Natural Scents

If you want to avoid harsh chemicals in your home, natural scents are a good place to start when it comes to keeping your home rodent-free. Many of these scents overwhelm a mouse’s acute sense of smell.

Peppermint Oil

Many natural rodent repellents contain peppermint oil because the strong scent can disorient rodents. As a result, mice and others will avoid the smell. If you want something other than a pre-made peppermint-scented repellent, you can use scented cotton balls or create a water and peppermint oil spray.

Chili Oil or Powder

Chili is another strong scent that can befuddle mice into leaving your space. Chemicals in chili oil and powder are irritating to rodents.


Eucalyptus essential oil is ideal for driving away mice and other pests since they find the smell overwhelming. Add some of the oil to cotton balls, use a diffuser, or create a spray to target the vulnerable areas of your home.


When determining what scents will keep mice away, white vinegar and apple cider vinegar are both effective repellants for mice. This liquid is irritating and poisonous to mice.


The potency and cinnamon’s spiciness make this spice an effective way to scare mice away.


Citronella is good for more than repelling mosquitos. It is also a successful way to eliminate mice, as the strong smell is often too much for them.

Chemical Scents

There are several products in most homes that mice hate, including:


Bleach scares mice away with its strong smell and sanitizes areas exposed to mice germs. In large quantities, bleach can also kill mice. For bleach to be effective, you must sustain the smell for a long period.


Mothballs used to deter moths from eating your clothing can also keep mice away from your home. These little balls contain some naphthalene which mice hate.


When you smell ammonia, you can see why mice may want to avoid it. The ammonia in cat urine commonly scares away rodent intruders.

Predator Scent

As tiny rodents, mice are vulnerable to many predators in the wild. Owls, hawks, snakes, lizards, raccoons, foxes, and cats. Due to their vulnerability, mice developed the ability to smell their predators and avoid them.

You can exploit this ability by purchasing products to place near your home or getting a cat. You can even place your biodegradable used cat litter around the periphery of your property to scare rodents away.

Keep Your Annapolis Home Mouse-Free

Mice can enter your home through openings the size of a quarter or arrive on used furniture and appliances. So, when determining what scents will keep mice away, you should remember to place repelling smells near any cracks in the home or other entrances is essential.

Sometimes, no matter how many mouse deterrents you use, rodents may continue to infiltrate your home. In those cases, professionals can make a big difference in the number of rodents you house. To keep mice away from your Annapolis home, contact the experts at Phenom Pest Protection.


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