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Professional Pest Control For Annapolis, Maryland Property Owners

Annapolis is the capital of Maryland, and like all other cities in the state, we have a variety of pests that like to invade our homes and businesses. If pests are driving you to your wit’s end, partner with the local, family-owned pest experts found at Phenom Pest Protection.

We provide the phenomenal services needed to get pests out and keep them out. We take pride in treating each of our customers like they are part of our own family. We are so confident in our services that we offer a 100% guarantee. If pests return between scheduled visits, we also return at no extra charge! To learn more about protecting your Annapolis home or business from pests, including termite control in Annapolis, call Phenom Pest Protection today.  

Home Pest Control In Annapolis, MD

Trying to protect your home from pests is a difficult task. Pest threats vary by season, they enter homes multiple ways, hide in hard-to-reach areas, and are tricky to get out and keep out. Partnering with a professional is the easiest and most stress-free way to guard your home, personal belongings, and family against pests like rodents, mosquitoes, ants, and more. At Phenom Pest Protection we protect homes from pests through our residential pest control services which are performed by our highly trained and licensed technicians. Our 5 step treatment process includes:

  • Free inspection.
  • Interior treatment using an odorless product.
  • Exterior treatment using a power spray application around foundations, driveways, and walkways.
  • The use of kid- and pet-safe granules (derived from plant materials) in the yard to repel pests such as ants, spiders, earwigs, fleas, and ticks.
  • Follow-up services that are performed on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis.

To schedule a free inspection, give Phenom Pest Protection a call today.

3 Common Problems Rodents Cause In Annapolis, MD

a rat crawling on a counter surface in annapolis maryland
Rodents are common, but unwanted, house guests. They enter homes without permission and create many problems. Some of the most common problems they cause Annapolis homeowners are listed below.

  • Structural damage. Rodents constantly chew on objects to prevent their continuously growing front incisors from overgrowing. They will chew on furniture, clothing, books, papers, boxes, flooring, wires, pipes, drywall, and almost anything else they come across.

  • They contaminate food and the surfaces of homes with their saliva, urine, and feces. Rodents are known to carry many diseases and spread illnesses like salmonella, hantavirus, and tularemia.

  • Fire and water damage. Rodents chewing through live electrical wires could create a spark and cause a fire. Chewing through pipes can lead to water damage.

To help prevent problems with rodents, it is important to partner with a professional. At Phenom Pest Protection we provide the rodent control services needed to keep rodents and the problems they cause out of your home!

Common Spiders Found In Annapolis, MD

a spider crawling on a dirty surface inside of a home in annapolis maryland
Spiders are common pests to find in and around homes. You can find them in tall grass, gardens, under shingles, under decks, in trees and bushes, in garages and, of course, inside your home. Spiders, in general, are shy and reclusive and want to stay out of view of people and predators. They are considered beneficial pests because they feed on a variety of garden and other nuisance insects. 

Spiders are typically described as either dangerous or nuisance pests depending on their species. Dangerous spiders are those that have venom which is strong enough to cause health problems in people. Examples of dangerous spiders in our area are the black widow spider and brown recluse spider. Nuisance spiders also possess venom, but it is not strong enough to cause health concerns in people. Examples of nuisance spiders in Annapolis are the American house spider, wolf spider, and jumping spider. 

If you experience problems with nuisance or dangerous spiders, contact Phenom Pest Protection. We provide the services needed to eliminate spiders from homes and provide the prevention services needed to stop their return. To learn more about our spider control services, give us a call today!

Commercial Pest Control In Annapolis, MD

Pests pose a huge threat to any business. Their presence can damage reputations, products, employees, and customers. Professional assistance is the best way to protect your business against insect and animal pests. At Phenom Pest Protection, we understand that each business has its own unique pest control needs and will provide the commercial pest control services needed to meet those needs. 
Our technicians identify specific pest threats, where pests are entering, what parts of your facility are most susceptible to pests, and then perform the customized services needed to eliminate insects like bed bugs, cockroaches, and rodents and prevent future pest problems. Don’t allow pests to be a threat to your business for another day, contact Phenom Pest Protection and have all your commercial pest control questions answered!


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