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What Animals Eat Mice? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Feb 17, 2023

Mice are at the bottom of the food chain and serve as a crucial source of food for various wild animals, big and small. These predators in the animal kingdom help keep rodent numbers in control by consuming them as either their primary meal or part of their overall diet. 

Mice are vectors for various infectious diseases and viruses, and feeding on these destructive creatures helps limit the risk of the spread of diseases by reducing the number of mice.

So, if you are wondering what animals eat mice, continue reading to learn more!

What Animals Eat Mice?

Many natural predators depend on mice as a dietary staple, whereas others have these rodents as part of their larger diet. Among the omnivores and carnivores most commonly known to eat mice include:


Several types of birds love to feast on mice, including hawks, blue jay, owls, crows, and eagles. Owls can hunt several mice each night. These birds of prey typically rely on small animals to survive, including lizards and snakes.


Large lizards like the monitor lizard, alligator lizard, and gecko lizard ambush and feed on mice using their razor-sharp teeth. However, the most predominant reptiles that regularly hunt mice as their primary source of nourishment are snakes. 

From the rat snake to the boa constrictor, rodents are a significant part of the diet for almost all species of snakes. Accordingly, snake owners also typically feed their pets frozen mice.

A fascinating fact about snakes is that these reptiles do not chew down their food but swallow it whole. 


Cats top the list of mammals that are natural predators and actively hunt mice using their sharp senses and sharp teeth. Many people keep cats at home to deter mice and keep infestations under control. However, house cats often do not feed on the mice after killing them, as they hunt them as part of their ‘playtime’.

That being said, wild cats such as bobcats depend on mice as a significant dietary source. Big cats like lions do not primarily feed on mice but might eat them if larger meals aren’t available. 

Why Do Mice Have So Many Natural Predators?

Mice are small creatures, which means they fall prey to and make a delicacy for many animals. From forests to grasslands and human dwellings, mice are present in abundance all around the world and inhabit various areas, exposing them to many predators to which they are attractive meals. 

As they are widespread and have an abundance of natural predators, mice typically survive up to one year in the wild, whereas they live about four to five years in captivity or as pets.

Besides being eaten by other animals in their natural habitat, mice are often killed by humans using chemicals rodenticides to keep populations down and eliminate infestations.

What To Do If You Have a Mice Problem

If you spot mice in your home and suspect an infestation, the first and most vital course of action must be to eliminate their common attractants, including food, water, and shelter. In addition, you must also block all access points through which these pesky critters find their way inside your property

Often, widespread infestations can be extremely difficult to get rid of without professional help. Accordingly, hiring a pest extermination company can save you from the elbow grease while providing the desired results by making your space rodent-free.

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