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How High Can Mice Jump

Dec 22, 2022

Mice don’t just stay on the floor. They can reach unexpected places like kitchen counters, cupboards, and window sills. If you’re finding mouse droppings in startling places, you’re not alone in wondering how high mice can jump. They are surprisingly agile and athletic, so they get into places that you once thought were safe. 

How Do Mice Get In My House?

Rodents are adaptable creatures that hunt for easy access to food and shelter. If they find an entrance into your home, they will move in and build their nests.

The best way to prevent mice from entering your home is to block their entrances, which can be holes as small as the diameter of a dime. 

How Well Do Mice Climb?

Mice can climb stairs and scale walls, especially when the vertical surfaces have imperfections that they can cling to with their grippy claws. The little rodents cannot climb up smooth surfaces like glass and metal. They can also swim and jump, making it easy for them to find safe places to build their nests and have babies. 

So How High Can Mice Jump?

Mice might not be able to jump as high as LeBron James or Michael Jordan, but if they were the size of a typical NBA player, they could jump OVER the net and backboard. Mice are certainly mighty little creatures. 

Mice can jump about two feet if they get a running start. From a standstill, they can jump about ten to thirteen inches. With that ability, they can get into unexpectedly high places, like upper cabinets. The little daredevils will risk their lives to reach tasty food. 

How Do You Get Mice Out of Your House?

Once you’ve seen the signs that mice have moved into your home, you should take steps to get them out of it. You can take advantage of DIY methods like laying traps or using poison, or you can call professional exterminators like the experts at Phenom Pest Control. 

If you prefer to remove mice on your own, these DIY methods have proven effective:

  • Find the holes that mice are using to enter and exit your home. After you’ve found them, seal them with metal, cement, or steel wool. Mice can chew through paper, wood, or other organic materials. Since mice do not like the smell of dryer sheets, you can stuff them into the steel wool for added protection. 
  • Mice do not like certain smells. Once you’ve found their nests, surround them with cayenne pepper or peppermint. 
  • Place bait traps near the spots where you’ve found mouse droppings inside and outside of your home. 
  • Mouse poisons are effective, but only use them if you do not have household pets or young children who could accidentally eat the poison and become severely ill. 

Mice can get into your home through small cracks and crevices in your foundation. They often move into garages before they make their way into the living space. If you set traps, put them in the spots where you’ve seen mice, and remember to check the traps regularly. 

Unfortunately, not all DIY methods are effective at removing mice from homes. If you’ve tried your best and the bouncy invaders are still living in your home and causing trouble, call us at Phenom Pest Control for a free quote and a customizable pest-removal plan today!


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