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Effective Tick Control & Prevention in Townson, MD

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Ticks are vectors for several life-threatening diseases like Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Thus, a bite from some tick species can bring serious health risks. Accordingly, preventing a bite from these bloodsuckers by keeping them at bay is crucial to protect your health and that of your family and pets. 

For tick Control in Towson, MD, look no further than Phenom Pest Control. For professional, guaranteed residential and commercial pest control solutions, give us a call today: (410) 312-7233

Tick Facts You Should Know

Ticks are parasites that can be difficult to detect as they typically hide in areas with leaves, shrubbery, weeds, and tall grasses, such as your lawn. They attach themselves to a host by climbing onto it as it brushes past the spot. They grow by feeding on blood and can reach sizes as big as marble. Unlike other bugs, ticks remain attached to the host’s body and can continue to draw blood for up to 10 days. 

It is essential to be cautious when removing a tick. Use a tweezer to grasp the tick while slowly and firmly pulling upward. Avoid squeezing or crushing the tick and dispose of it by placing it in a tightly wrapped bag or flushing it down.

Residential & Commercial Tick Control Services in Towson, MD

Ticks are dangerous parasites that can transmit several diseases to humans and pets. Accordingly, if you have ticks on your property, it is vital to take swift action and hire experienced and knowledgeable professionals to deal with the problem effectively. 

Phenom Pest Control offers guaranteed and reliable tick control solutions to homes and businesses in Towson, MD. We start every service with a thorough inspection of the property, leaving no stone unturned. Additionally, all of our services are guaranteed and all of the pest techniques and solutions we use are family and pet friendly. Give us a call to learn more about our services and to schedule an inspection today.

Phenom’s 4-Step Tick Control Process

Phenom Pest Control offers prompt, dependable, and customizable pest control solutions to suit your specific needs. Our 4-step tick control process includes:

Tick Inspection

We will conduct a thorough inspection of the property’s exterior, interior, and lawn and identify potential entry points and nests.

Tick Prevention

Our team of pest professionals will provide suggestions to make your outdoor areas less appealing to ticks. 

Tick Treatment

After performing a detailed inspection, we will create a customized service plan suited specifically to your needs and get to work on eliminating the ticks from your property. 


The job doesn’t end there! We conduct follow-up visits each month to ensure that the tick population doesn’t come back and that you have the ultimate peace of mind that your family and friends are safe from these bloodsucking parasites.


The following are some frequently asked questions you might have in mind regarding tick control:

How do you repel ticks?

While you can make natural repellents using oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE), peppermint, and other essential oils, DIY repellents are not as effective as commercial products. They do not last as long as chemically based formulas and must be reapplied several times a day. 

EPA-approved repellents are perhaps the most effective method to prevent tick bites. Products containing 20- 30 percent concentration of DEET or picaridin offer maximum protection against ticks. However, you don’t want to put tick repellent on every time you take a walk out back. So the best method is to hire a month pest control service to keep fleas and ticks off your property at all times. 

Can you diy tick control?

Eliminating them without expert help can be a difficult task. You can spray your yard with commercial-grade pesticides and trim down tall grasses and weeds to control the tick population. However, it usually won’t resolve the underlying problem, which causes ticks to infest your yard. 

Contacting a professional pest management company will ensure the safe application of top-quality pesticides along with identifying and removing tick habitats to prevent the problem from recurring.

For Effective Tick Control & Prevention, Trust Phenom Pest Protection!

Phenom Pest Control is a leading pest extermination company in Towson and surrounding areas of Maryland. To keep you, your family, and your pets safe from the adverse health effects of commercial pesticides, we use organically based products that diminish the risk of any side effects while working effectively to keep these unwanted invaders out of your property.

Call us today for a free pest control inspection and reclaim your outdoor space by getting rid of these parasitic animals for good!


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