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Reliable Tick Control in Baltimore

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Most homeowners don’t appreciate any kind of pest or insect in and around their homes, but ticks can be one of the most problematic insects you can encounter. 

Ticks are different from pests like spiders, mosquitoes, and ants because they are ectoparasites, meaning they attach themselves to hosts and feed on them. Not only that, but they can pass along some dangerous diseases to humans and pets. 

That’s why Phenom Pest Control provides tick control Baltimore residents can rely on. But you can start by learning about ticks and how you can help combat them in your home.

What Are Ticks?

Although they are often classified as insects, ticks are better known as parasitic arachnids and are closely related to spiders. You can recognize these tiny bugs by their flat, oval bodies and set of eight legs. 

Ticks feed on the blood of mammals, including humans and dogs. They wait and watch in areas of high traffic, using blades of grass to give them a good view. Once a person or animal passes by, they can quickly latch on. 

A tick will not only bite its host but will burrow its head into the skin. As they feed on the host’s blood, their body grows several times larger than its initial size. At the same time as it’s feeding, a tick may also be transmitting dangerous diseases like Lyme disease, typhus, and tick fever.

Tick Prevention for Your Baltimore, MD Property

Do-it-yourself tick prevention can be difficult, but proper yard maintenance is a step in the right direction. Keep a well-manicured lawn to eliminate hiding places for ticks. Trim bushes, shrubs, and trees. Consider treating both your yard and pets for ticks to help keep them away. Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep a regular pest control service on your side to help control both ticks and all other common Baltimore pests.

Out Tick Control Services

At Phenom Pest Control, we go above and beyond to ensure your home or business is clear and protected from all kinds of pests, including ticks. We start with a thorough inspection and cater your treatment from there, discussing our findings with you to create a plan. 

Our tick control and treatment services are reliable, as you can see from hundreds of 5-star reviews. The only thing we love more than exterminating ticks is happy, satisfied customers. 

Residential Tick Control in Baltimore, MD

Homeowners in the Baltimore area can depend on us for residential tick control services. We understand the urgency of a problem like this and want to help you get back to your normal schedule. 

We provide several pest control packages along with customizable options for homeowners, including a 6-point home pest control inspection. We check your home’s exterior, yard, entry points, and interior and deliver a detailed service report. 

Commercial Tick Control in Baltimore, MD

Businesses need pest control too. Baltimore business owners can promise a safe and healthy workplace with the help of Phenom Pest Protection. Our customizable plans make it easy to treat problems like ticks with quick and effective actions. At Phenom, we’re happy to provide Baltimore businesses with inspections, treatments, and follow-up care that’s guaranteed safe and effective. 

Tick Elimination & Prevention by Phenom Pest Protection

When pests are at their worst, Phenom Pest Protection gives you their best by providing tick control that Baltimore residents can rely on. Regular preventative maintenance and DIY solutions can be helpful, but the experts at Phenom have professional experience that can’t be beaten.

Our trained and licensed professionals offer best-in-class residential and commercial pest services, including those that target and eliminate ticks. We’re proud to serve the Greater Baltimore area. Get in touch with Phenom Pest Protection today for a free quote and fast service.


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