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How To Keep Mice Out of Your Baltimore Garage

Feb 13, 2023

Garages are preferred spots for mice to take refuge in as they offer plenty of dark and secluded hiding spots, warmth, and nesting materials. However, a mice infestation in your garage can wreak havoc if uncontrolled. 

These pests will chew through electrical cords and other structures, resulting in costly headaches over time. Accordingly, keeping mice at bay is vital. If you suspect an infestation and are wondering how to keep mice out of your Baltimore garage, read on to learn more!

How To Identify Mouse Infestations In Baltimore

Several telltale signs can hint towards a potential mouse infestation in your Baltimore home. These include:


Mouse droppings are small, pellet-shaped, and black in color, with pointed ends. You are most likely to find mice droppings in high-activity areas where these pests nest and feed, including under appliances, in or around cabinets, near food storage areas, etc.

Gnaw Marks

Mice have the constant habit of gnawing at objects. So, if you notice chew marks on food packages like cereal boxes, cardboard, drywall, furniture, or electrical wiring, you can be sure there are mice around.

A Foul Odor

A foul, stale scene in hidden areas of the home is prevalent when there is a mouse infestation, produced by their urine.

Smudge Marks and Footprints

Mice often leave behind smear marks caused by their oily and greasy coating. You will likely encounter these along their travel pathways, like floors and baseboards. 

Nesting Material

Mice build nests out of pliable materials like paper, fabric leaves, etc. If you spot shredded materials, there is likely an infestation. 

Scratching Sounds

As nocturnal animals, mice create scratching and squeaking noises at night, especially behind the walls.

Mice Sightings

Spotting a live mouse scurrying across your floor could hint towards a larger infestation you might not be aware of.

What To Do If Mice Gets Into Your Car?

A car engine compartment is a cozy spot for mice to crawl into and nest. That can serve as a pathway for these critters to squeeze into other areas of the vehicles, like the vents, dashboards, or the trunk. 

A mouse in the car can cause significant damage by chewing through upholstery and wiring, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of costly repairs

If you suspect a mouse living in your car, there are various tricks to get it out. Park your car in an open area away from your home directly under the sun and turn up the heat with the windows rolled up. The extreme heat will compel the mice to move out.

You can also set up mouse traps in different areas of the car and use natural repellents like peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, and ammonia. Mice dislike the smell of these, making them effective repellents. 

Useful Tips To Keep Mice Out of Your Garage

The most crucial aspect of keeping mice out of your garage is to make the space unappealing for these pests. That involves eliminating all food and water sources, such as by storing trash cans away from the garage with tight-fitting lids, keeping pet food and bird feed in tightly sealed containers, and preventing water from pooling in or around the garage. 

A cluttered garage is also an inviting space for mice to seek refuge. A messy garage with nesting materials like cardboard boxes provides a great hiding spot with lots of dark spots to seek shelter and nest.

Another important tip is to trim tree branches and bushes away from the foundation to prevent easy access to the garage. 

Lastly, natural remedies like vinegar, ammonia, and some essential oils can serve as potent solutions to deter mice from entering your home.

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