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Professional Baltimore Rodent Control Service

Mice and rats look cute in cartoons, but they can destroy your home. And unfortunately, laying out a few mousetraps isn’t enough. But professionals can help reduce the rodent population in and around your home and protect your belongings from these invasive creatures. 

Once rats and mice find their way into your home, they’ll chew at wires, pipes, and beams, causing expensive and dangerous damage to your home. For help taking preventative measures, and getting rid of any existing mice and rats in your Baltimore home, look no further than the experts at Phenom Pest Control!

Our Rodent Control Services

Phenom Pest Control takes care of all types of pests and performs specialized treatments for rodent control. Our expert team will help you get rid of your problem quickly, effectively, and completely. We have flexible and customizable plans for both indoor and outdoor rodent control as well as year-round protection from all common pests – including rodents. 

Indoor Rodent Control

grey rat on carpet in Baltimore, MD home - Baltimore rodent control

Our indoor pest control plan includes a comprehensive evaluation both inside and outside your house. Following the evaluation, your technician will customize your treatment plan based on your needs and complete regular visits until your rodent infestation is gone. 

At Phenom, we only use non-invasive, child and pet friendly techniques which are proven to effectively eliminate and prevent rodents. If you have rodents in your Baltimore, MD home, just give us a call and rest easy knowing we’ll handle the rest. 

Outdoor Rodent Control

Rat being humanely captured outside of a Baltimore home

If rodents are a problem on your property, our pest control specialists can take care of it. Not only will we exterminate them from your property, but we will also take preventative measures so that the rodent population doesn’t try to get back inside!

Phenom Pest Control performs routine, thorough inspections as part of our services. During the inspections, we check all the places most likely to allow mice and rats back into your home including: 

  • Old doors with weather damage
  • Air vents and dryer vents
  • Attics and lofts 
  • Spaces between the house and the gutter or siding 
  • Wiring, piping, and other gaps in the insulation 

Baltimore Mouse and Rat Extermination: Keeping Rodents out for Good

Of course, the best way to get rid of rodents is to prevent an infestation in the first place. Our residential pest control professionals do more than just set traps and wait – we have the tools and expertise needed to rodent-proof your property, keeping your home safe and protected. 

Setting traps might seem like a good DIY solution, especially if you catch a few mice. However, effectively exterminating and preventing rodents requires more than traps. Rodents are intelligent and work diligently to gain entry into your home. And if one or two make it in, they quickly repopulate and release scents that attract more rodents. It’s essential to prevent this from happening, and we can help with that! 

Problems Caused by Rodents

Mice and rats can cause a great deal of damage to your home or office. If rodents get into your food supplies, they contaminate food with dangerous bacteria. The presence of rodent nests in walls and ceilings will damage the integrity of your walls and destroy drywall and insulation. Mice can also chew through electrical wires, which can cause fires or create fire hazards. 

Infestations only grow in population until handled professionally. Mice and rats reproduce rapidly, as they have a short gestation period and can give birth to litters of babies up to ten times a year. Rodents also pose a health risk to you and your family. They are disease carriers and often carry other pests, such as lice, fleas, or ticks, into your home.

Signs That You Have a Rodent Problem

Are you unsure whether or not you have a rodent problem? There are some common signs of rodent infestation that can help you figure it out. If you have one or more of these signs, odds are you have mice or rats in your home:

  • Squeaking or scratching sound from the ceiling or walls 
  • Small rodent droppings, urine stains, or stench
  • Damaged or open food packaging
  • Small piles of food (or pet food) in strange places

Need Help Getting Rid of Rodents? Call Phenom Pest Control

Phenom Pest Control does the work to ensure that your home or business remains rodent-free, now and in the future. We perform thorough inspections, customizable plans, and prompt response to calls. When you have rodents or any other pest in your Baltimore home or business, call Phenom and let our Baltimore, MD pest control experts handle the rest. 


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