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How To Control for German Cockroaches: A Guide for Baltimore Homeowners

Aug 16, 2021

Several cockroach species live in Baltimore, but the German cockroach is among the worst. They reproduce faster than most other roaches. Also, their coloration helps them evade the watchful eye of homeowners. 

Cockroaches are filthy and spread over 30 diseases, making them a serious health risk. German cockroach control is critical for avoiding these diseases. Here is our guide to identifying and preventing German cockroaches in your home. 

German Cockroach Identification

While the German cockroach isn’t the only species living in the Baltimore area, they are pretty common in pest infestations. When compared to American or Oriental cockroaches, German cockroaches are relatively small. The nymphs can even fit through the holes in electrical outlets. 

You can identify them by their tan color and a pair of brown lines extending along their backs from their heads. They have two wings, but they rarely use them, preferring to scurry instead. They are relatively flat and oval-shaped, with six legs and two long antennae. 

Cockroaches leave behind other identifiers. Their egg cases are dark tan tubes. They also leave their excrement behind, which looks like black pepper. 

What You Need to Know About German Cockroaches

Food, water, and shelter in warm homes attract German cockroaches. They will eat anything that resembles food, including crumbs, soap, and toothpaste. Cockroach infestations often occur in areas with plentiful food, including kitchens, basements, and bathrooms. 

While German cockroaches can survive in dry conditions, they prefer warmth and humidity. You can find them on the floor under appliances. They also like laundry rooms, garbage containers, and the cabinets under sinks. 

Most adult cockroaches can live between 100 and 200 days. When they reproduce, their egg cases contain 30 to 40 eggs. Most female German cockroaches produce up to six egg cases in their lifetimes. 

Signs of a German Cockroach Infestation

An adult cockroach next to an egg case with cockroach nymphs hatching from it.

If you see cockroaches in your home, you might already have an infestation and need residential pest control. You might notice the egg capsules attached to boxes under your sink or luggage in your basement. The females carry the egg cases until a day or two before they hatch. 

You might also find cockroach droppings on your countertops, inside drawers, or in corners of the floor. You might notice it on newspapers and other lightly-colored items. The bacteria in cockroach excrement trigger allergies and asthma, especially for children who live in cities. 

These pests also leave a musty odor that lingers in enclosed spaces. If there are a lot of them, you just might smell them. The nymphs can fit in tiny spaces, so they often go unnoticed. Adults, on the other hand, need about an inch of space to hide. 

Because cockroaches are active at night, you might see them if you shine a flashlight around your home while the lights are off. 

Mice and crickets like to eat cockroaches. Seeing other wildlife in your home might be a secondary sign of a cockroach infestation. 

German Cockroach Control and Prevention Tips

With regular home maintenance, you can prevent cockroach infestations. It’s best not to leave food in your kitchen sink and drains. You can also clean your dishes rather than let them pile up. Clean up spills and dispose of food packaging. Don’t leave things out on your counters or floors. 

If your home is humid, use dehumidifiers and fans. You can also reduce moisture by fixing leaky pipes. 

Pets can also attract cockroaches, especially if they are messy eaters. Cockroaches will eat pet food left in bowls. Regularly clean under your appliances and in your cabinets. It helps to keep your floors clean and keep your trash in bins with lids that close. 

Dependable & Effective German Cockroach Control

A group of cockroaches on a white surface

Cockroach infestations are difficult to control, so hiring an effective pest control company is your best choice. At Phenom Pest Protection, we offer dependable and effective residential and commercial services. We help prevent further property damage with techniques and products that are safe for people and pets. 

Our effective pest control solutions are available throughout Baltimore and the surrounding areas. Our guaranteed pest control solutions will get rid of your cockroach problem. Call us for a free quote!


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