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Professional Cockroach Extermination For Baltimore Home & Business Owners

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Finding a cockroach in your house is always alarming, especially when you consider the dangers they bring to your home. They destroy fabric and paper, carry dangerous bacteria like salmonella, and trigger allergies and asthma attacks in humans. Cockroaches also produce a musty smell that attracts other cockroaches, which can be unpleasant, to say the least. 

These pests are difficult to kill. Finding a single cockroach is a sign that more are probably lurking on your property, in which case time is of the essence. A pest control plan is the best way to prevent the situation from becoming worse—and for that, you need the best cockroach exterminator in Baltimore. For reliable and effective cockroach control, contact Phenom Pest Protection right away!  

Our Cockroach Extermination Process

Our pest control professionals perform thorough inspections to determine the best course of action. Once we detect the presence of cockroaches, we eliminate them using a two-pronged method. First, we address the active infestation to rid your home of cockroaches, from egg to adult. 

Once the elimination is complete, we move to re-infestation prevention, where we apply an invisible barrier around your home. This critical phase prevents cockroaches from entering your home again. We also recommend regular re-application of the barrier to keep cockroaches away from your property for good. Don’t wait until the cockroach problem has gotten out of control—call the experts at Phenom Pest Protection for prompt and dependable Baltimore pest control service

Cockroach Infestation Management and Prevention

Once we have eliminated the issue, homeowners should take steps to manage and prevent future infestations. The following low-impact approaches can be effective countermeasures when used in tandem with our services.

  • Inspection. Search for cockroach hiding spots, including warm, dark, and tight places—especially those close to food and water. Sticky traps can help you confirm suspected habitats and should be placed at floor and wall seams. 
  • Regular cleaning. Eliminating food sources is vital to preventing infestations. Crumbs should be removed from floors, counters, and crevices (such as under the oven). Seal stored food in containers and wipe up spills immediately. Frequent vacuuming, especially of cracks and crevices, removes food sources that attract cockroaches. 
  • Eliminate hiding spots and prevent entry. Seal cracks inside your home in places like cupboards and prevent entry by sealing doors and gaps around windows. Be vigilant about removing moist habitats outside, such as stacks of wood. 

Pesticide bait can also aid anti-roach efforts in old homes that are too full of cracks and crevices to properly seal. Set bait near areas where you have seen roaches, but keep them away from children and pets. You should soon see a significant drop-off in the number of roaches. Keep in mind that it’s vital to use different pesticides, as roaches become resistant to them over time. 

Of the several different kinds of roach control, pesticides, baits, and gels are recommended. Avoid aerosol sprays and foggers since these methods can expose you to dangerous chemicals and leave dangerous particles in the home.

Why Phenom Pest Control?

Whether you need commercial pest control or home pest control, Maryland residents choose Phenom for many reasons. Not only do we offer full-service extermination, but we also have extensive knowledge and experience in getting rid of cockroaches and other pests. We are a local company, so our team has specialized knowledge on how to deal with pests in the Baltimore area. Our pest experts also go above and beyond to make sure that these pesky intruders stay out for good. 

But most importantly, our methods are safe for your family and pets and proven to be effective. For complete cockroach extermination, choose the expert service from Phenom Pest!

Cockroaches Bugging You? Call The Experts At Phenom Pest Control

Phenom Pest Protection offers affordable, effective, and dependable pest control to Baltimore customers. Plus, our exterminators are more than just cockroach experts. We also offer a wide range of pest services to meet your specific needs. From common pests like mosquitoes to rodent control and more, our technicians know how to get the job done. Wherever you’re located in the Greater Baltimore area, we can help you. If you’re ready to eliminate cockroaches from your home, contact us today to get started with a free quote!


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