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Everything You Need to Know to Keep Crickets Away From Your Baltimore Property

Mar 23, 2022

Many homeowners in Baltimore do not consider crickets harmful to their property. However, crickets pose a more significant threat than you may think.

More than 900 different species of crickets exist today. If you find them in or around your home, it is likely a house cricket, field cricket, or ground cricket.

If you hear chirping, spot a cricket, or notice damage around your home, you may have an infestation.

What Do Crickets Look Like?

close up of house crickets on an egg carton tray

Crickets are related to grasshoppers, and they may resemble them in shape.

Crickets range in color depending on their species. House crickets are a yellowish-brown color, but field and ground crickets are brown or black. If the cricket is dark brown it may be a cave cricket, while tan will usually indicate a camel cricket.

Male crickets are just under an inch long and females tend to be 50% longer.

Crickets are winged, but they have powerful hind legs that allow them to hop large distances. They are nocturnal, so you are most likely to stumble upon them at night.

Why Are Crickets a Problem?

Cricket infestations can bring a slew of problems.

brown and black crickets swarm together


Chirping is a telltale sign of a cricket infestation, and it can be very annoying. A large enough infestation may even prevent some people from sleeping.

Male crickets rub the tops of their wings together and produce the chirping sound in a process called stridulation

Damage to Your Home

Crickets chew through fibrous materials. They can damage your belongings by chewing through carpeting, clothing, curtains, and any other fiber-based fabrics.


Crickets can also spread diseases to humans. They carry E.coli and Salmonella, which can make humans very ill.

Not to mention, crickets leave behind plenty of droppings that can cause rashes and flu-like symptoms in humans.

Bigger Pests

Crickets serve as a food source for much bigger insects and animals. If you have a cricket infestation, you may have an infestation of raccoons or spiders in the future.

How to Keep Crickets Away

Crickets are attracted to food, shelter, water, and light. Houses with basements and other damp environments that the insects thrive in are more likely to see infestations.

Try the following tips to keep your home cricket-free:

  • Keep curtains closed and minimize outdoor lighting 
  • Clean the property of clutter regularly to get rid of shelter points
  • Check your pipes for leaks
  • Increase ventilation and install drainage on the property to avoid creating a moist environment
  • Eliminate dead plants and animals on the property
  • Make sure to trim the lawn often, as tall grass will attract crickets
  • Seal entryways on windows and doors with caulk or sealant
  • Keep wood away from your property

Say Goodbye to Your Cricket Problem Today!

There is no need to endure the endless chirping at night with these tips and tricks. If all else fails, hire a professional pest control team who will offer you the most effective year-round solutions to prevent or eliminate cricket infestations. 

Whether you have an existing pest problem or you would like to take preventative measures to spare yourself the trouble in the future, we can help! Give us a call today!


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