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Why Do I Have Ants in My Baltimore Home?

Jul 26, 2023

Ant infestations can be a common and frustrating problem for homeowners in Baltimore, regardless of the time of year. These small invaders are remarkably persistent, and even when your home appears well-sealed, they somehow find a way in. 

Understandably, you might wonder, “Why do I have ants in my home?” 

While there are numerous species of ants, their reasons for entering your home are always similar. In this article, our experts at Phenom Pest Control aim to shed some light on why ants might be encroaching on your home and provide guidance on how to prevent it. 

Top Reasons Why Ants Come Into My Home

Warmer weather often triggers ants to become more active, leading to increased sightings in and around homes. Ants are natural explorers, always searching for food and water, and during the summer, they tend to wander into homes, especially when doors and windows are left open for ventilation.

One of the main attractors for ants is food. 

Unsecured food items, particularly sweet or sugary foods, can act like a beacon for these pests. If ants discover a food source inside your home, they will leave a trail for other ants in their colony to follow, leading to an infestation. 

The key to preventing these tiny invaders is to remove what attracts them in the first place.

Reasons Ants Could be Invading Your Home

Several factors can contribute to an ant invasion in your home. Recognizing these triggers is the first step towards an ant-free environment. Let’s explore the most common reasons ants might find your home attractive, and how to remedy the situation.

1. You’re Leaving Out Food

Ants, like all creatures, need sustenance to survive. Homes, particularly kitchens, offer an abundant source of food that ants are naturally drawn to. Overlooked food remnants, unsealed containers, or fresh produce can inadvertently become an ant’s feast, leading to infestations. 

Regular cleaning and proper food storage can significantly deter these pests. Seal food items in airtight containers, refrigerate fruits when possible, and use natural repellents in pantry spaces, such as bay leaves. These steps will help make your home less attractive to foraging ants.

2. Your Neighbors Have an Ant Invasion

If your neighbors are grappling with an ant problem, these pests might start exploring your home as well. In apartment buildings, discussing the issue with the property manager can help you understand the extent of the problem. Similarly, talking to your neighbors about standalone homes can provide valuable insights and create a coordinated approach to handle the situation.

3. Excess Moisture

In sweltering weather conditions, ants are often drawn to water sources. Reliable water supplies in your home, such as pet water bowls or leaking pipes, can lure ants indoors. Once an ant finds a steady water source, it leaves a scent trail for others to follow, escalating a minor problem into a full-fledged infestation. 

4. Sticky Garbage Bins

Unclean garbage bins can become a treasure trove for ants. Sweet residues on discarded soda bottles, canned food jars, or snack packets in the trash can quickly attract an ant colony. Regularly clean your garbage bins and rinse food containers before disposal. 

Sealing food waste in airtight bags can also help keep ants from treating your trash as their feast.

5. Decaying or Rotten Wood

Houses with wooden structures or carpentry can attract carpenter ants, which feed on rotting or decaying wood. Identifying the type of ant infesting your home is crucial. If you find carpenter ants, they might signal a deeper problem related to your home’s structural integrity. Addressing wood decay can help alleviate a carpenter ant issue.

How to Prevent Ants From Coming Into My House

Preventing ants from entering your home involves a combination of good housekeeping and pest control practices. Maintaining a clean home is paramount. This includes promptly cleaning up spills, especially sugary liquids, and ensuring your food preparation areas are clean after every meal.

Discard any overripe fruits or vegetables that may be sitting in bowls or racks, as their sweet smell can attract ants. Store sweet foods such as jams, cakes, or biscuits in sealed containers or in the fridge. Simply placing these items in a cupboard may not be sufficient as ants can squeeze through tiny cracks. 

Fix any leaking pipes—or sources of standing water—as soon as possible, as ants are attracted to sources of moisture. If you have pets, consider placing their water bowls away from entrances to your home. 

Got Ants? We Can Help!

If your best efforts at pest-proofing your home have yet to keep ants away, it may be time to call in the professionals at Phenom. Persistent ant infestations require expert attention to ensure a permanent, effective resolution. 

If you need assistance in freeing your home or yard from ants, Phenom Pest Protection is ready to help. We provide prompt, effective pest control services throughout Baltimore and the surrounding areas. 

Our team of local experts at Phenom Pest Protection offer customizable solutions to suit the specific needs of your home, ensuring your ant problem is tackled for good. Contact us today for a free pest control quote.


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