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Why Columbia Residents Cannot Forget About Pests During The Winter

Nov 15, 2019

Just because you can’t see pests in your home, does not mean they are not there. As we head out of fall and into winter, many insects and rodents will be looking at your home as a warm place to spend the colder months. Occasional invaders like stink bugs, ladybird beetles, boxelder bugs, and cluster flies are all prime examples of this. These pests get into homes to avoid the fatal chills of winter. Some lay their eggs to be hatched when spring arrives, others remain hidden and dormant, and some cause trouble regardless of what season it is. Now, don’t be fooled. Just because these pests prefer to hide, doesn’t mean they can’t cause problems in your home. To keep overwintering pests out of your Columbia home, we have some tips coming right up.

Problems Overwintering Pests Cause

There are more overwintering pests than can be counted on both hands and toes. This list can be split into two categories, pests that will leave your home come spring, and those that will not.

Pests like boxelder bugs, stink bugs, and ladybird beetles only need your home as a source of warmth to survive the winter months. Once spring arrives, they are more than happy to leave, as nature better suits their needs. The only major problem these pests cause comes with the annoyance of their presence and the way their fecal matter can stain drapes and other items within homes. Plus, when spring comes, all of those eggs we talked about earlier will be hatching — inside your home, and not every tiny insect will immediately find its way out. Rather, they will be around on your furniture, on your TV, and anywhere else that might drive you crazy.

On the other hand, there are cockroaches and rodents. These pests will live in your home indefinitely, regardless of the conditions outside. In their minds, your home is a paradise, so why leave? The problem with these pests is that they are filthy. Known for spending time in the trash, around sewers, and in practically any place teeming with bacteria, these household invaders are vectors for dangerous sickness and disease. On top of this, mice and rats are destructive. Known for their incredibly strong and sharp teeth, rodents have been recorded chewing through walls, utility piping, metal vents, and even electrical wiring. This destruction can lead to a number of problems inside a home including water damage, problems with ventilation, and electrical fires.

Exclusion Tips For Overwintering Pests

As you are reading this, overwintering pests may have already gotten into your home. If this is the case, professional help is what you need. However, to keep any last-minute pests from getting inside, here are some things you can do.

  • Look for gaps or cracks in your home’s exterior foundation, seal these up using a caulking gun.
  • Check your screens for rips and tears. If any are found, have them repaired or replaced.
  • Install door sweeps on all exterior doors.
  • Check around door and window frames and utility piping for gaps. Seal any you find using a caulking gun.
  • Keep doors and windows closed as much as possible.
  • Consider replacing exterior lights with insect-resistant bulbs.

How To Get Overwintering Pests Out

If you suspect overwintering pests have already gotten into your home, now is your time to act. Don’t wait until your home is swarming come spring. For all of your home pest control needs, trust the professionals here at Phenom Pest Control. We have the tools and experience needed to make your home a pest-free environment and would be happy to share our success with you. 


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