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What Every Property Owner Ought To Know About The Spiders In Columbia

Mar 16, 2020

The problem with spiders is that they are often an indication of a larger problem. Spiders on their own are rarely dangerous. However, a spider problem can be a sign that you have other pests–since spiders need to eat. Read on to find out everything you need to know about spiders in your Columbia home and how to eliminate them.

Common Spiders In The Area

Maryland is home to many species of spiders. Here are a few of the most common and some distinctive features to help you identify them.

  • Black widow: These are some of the easiest spiders to identify. Since they’re dangerous to humans, most people already know what they look like. They have black bodies with a red hourglass shape that sets them apart.
  • Brown recluse: These are brown spiders that are also potentially dangerous. They can be identified by a darker violin shape on their back.
  • Wolf spiders: These are often described as looking hairy and bulky. They have thicker legs than some spiders and can be brown or black. They do not build webs but instead hunt their prey.
  • Jumping spiders: These small spiders are black and hairy. You’ll know you’re dealing with a jumping spider because of the speed and height of its jump.

Dangers Spiders Pose

Most spiders are not considered dangerous. In fact, spiders are afraid of humans and generally try to avoid us. If a spider feels threatened or attacked, however, it may bite. In most cases, a spider bite is insignificant. It may hurt or itch, but it won’t harm you.

Brown recluse and black widow spiders may cause more trouble. Though rarely fatal, a bite from one of these spiders can result in a fever, rash, fatigue, and other symptoms.

Some people may have allergic reactions to spider bites. A reaction could result in shortness of breath, severe rash, fever, and swelling. In this case, medical attention is required as soon as possible.

Spider Prevention Tips

To prevent spiders, you should remove any obvious entry points. Check the exterior of your home for cracks and holes that might be allowing spiders to enter. Make sure there are screens on all windows and doors and check for tears.

You can also avoid a spider infestation by making it difficult for them to hide in your home. Clean and organize storage areas like closets, basements, and attics so there are fewer hiding places for them. Check often for spider webs and use a broom or stick to remove the webs. For many spiders, this will be enough of a deterrent for them to seek another home.

Finally, to prevent spiders you need to stop them from finding food in your home. Spiders eat other bugs, like flies, mosquitoes, and ants. If you keep your home clear of these bugs, you can also keep your home spider-free.

Reliable Spider Control

The best way to keep your home clear of all pests is to enlist the help of Phenom Pest Protection. We offer comprehensive plans that will eliminate spiders and spider-food from your home. We’ll inspect your home for attracting factors and entry points. We’ll also use treatments to kill spiders already in your home. Finally, we’ll work with you to create lasting plans for keeping your Columbia home spider-free.


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