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What Every Columbia Resident Should Know About Bed Bugs

Feb 18, 2020

It is not uncommon to wake up once in a while with a mysterious bite on your skin. Most people think nothing of it. Maybe it was from a mosquito or possibly caused by a tiny spider wandering through the room late at night. One bite isn’t a huge deal. Several bites, however, are. If you have been finding trails of bites on your skin after restless nights of sleep, you could be dealing with a bed bug infestation. To help you find out for sure, we have some facts that every Columbia resident should know about bed bugs.

What Are Bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small parasitic pests that require a steady diet of mammal blood to survive. Although very hard to spot, bed bugs can be identified by their apple seed-sized bodies, oval shape, and reddish-brown color. When filled with blood, an adult bed bug can grow to be 5 times its normal size, rounding out and turning a much deeper red.

Before becoming an adult, a bed bug will go through five stages of development. Bed bug nymphs are much smaller than adult bed bugs and range in color from almost clear, to yellowish-gold, to reddish-brown.

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

When bed bugs feed at night, they almost never bite just once. They draw a bit of blood several times, backing up and changing position on your skin, until full. This creates a pattern of bites usually in a line or zigzag pattern. If you are seeing patterns of bites like this on your skin after waking up in the morning, there is a good chance your home has bed bugs.

One thing you should know is that not everyone reacts to bed bug bites the same way. Where bites may appear large and inflamed on some, others may have no reaction at all. It all depends on your body’s tolerance to the anesthetic chemical that bed bugs release under your skin.

Where Can Bed Bugs Be Found Inside Homes?

It is a common misconception that bed bugs are only found in bedrooms. Although this makes sense (what with their name and all), the truth is that bed bugs can be found nearly anywhere inside a home. They are able to survive upwards of 5 months without a blood meal, and bed bugs have been known to wander quite a bit. More specifically bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide, a common byproduct of humans. This means they can be found anywhere we go or spend our time.

How Bed Bug Infestations Start

Bed bugs love to hide away in items we regularly interact with. This could be anything from a backpack to a couch. It is when these items are moved that bed bugs get a chance to travel. All bed bugs need is the right item and the right destination to find a new place to call home. For this reason, be extra careful when bringing used items into your home.

How Difficult Are Bed Bugs To Get Rid Of?

There are few pests more difficult to treat for than bed bugs. With their ability to hide, combined with their natural resistance to many pesticides, trying to treat for bed bugs can feel like a shot in the dark. Often times people have perceived success after treating for bed bugs, only to find out weeks or months later that the bugs were only hiding until the danger was gone.

To find full success dealing with a bed bug infestation, we have your answer here at Phenom Pest Protection. We know the best way to eliminate bed bugs in their entirety. With our friendly staff by your side and proven solutions, you can be sure you and your home will be well cared for.


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