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Reliable Pest Protection For Westminster, Maryland Property Owners

Westminster, MD is a city in Northern Maryland that is about 40 miles outside of Baltimore. It’s considered a suburb of the city and has a population of around 18,000. With thousands of residential and commercial properties, there’s a good chance that residents of Westminster will find themselves dealing with pest problems from time to time. If you are looking for pest control services in the area, Phenom Pest Protection is here to help.

Home Pest Control In Westminster, MD

If you’re a homeowner in Westminster, you don’t need to spend time getting rid of pests on your own using methods that are often unsafe or ineffective. Pests can be a big nuisance, and, in many cases, they pose health risks or other safety hazards. Some pests can even leave you with thousands of dollars worth of property damage.

At PHENOM, we know that you want to have a home that is free of worries from pests. Our residential pest control services are effective and safe, and we have a team of licensed technicians that will work with you to customize pest control services to meet your needs. We are also committed to providing safe pest control services for your family and pets.

Our residential services can eliminate the following common pests in the area:

  • Many species of spiders

  • Ants

  • Cockroaches

  • Termites

  • Rodents

  • Earwigs

  • Bed bugs

  • And many more

To learn more about our services, get in touch with us today.

Everything Westminster, MD Residents Ought To Know About Cockroaches

a cockroach crawling on a tree branch outside a home in westminster maryland
Cockroaches are rather notorious pests as they are known for being extremely sturdy and hard to get rid of. There are four common kinds of cockroaches that people often deal with in this area: smoky brown, Oriental, German, and American.

Cockroaches can be difficult to get rid of once they make their way inside. Often the best way to keep them out is to follow prevention tips. Here are some things you can do to try to keep cockroaches away:

  • Cockroaches don’t like the smell of a clean home so be sure to clean often.
  • Repairing leaky pipes and faucets can help keep them away.
  • To further keep cockroaches out, reduce the moisture in your home by using dehumidifiers and weather stripping.
  • Seal up holes in screens and around the walls and foundation of your home.

If you’ve noticed cockroaches in your home or business, the most efficient way to get rid of them, and keep them gone, is to seek professional pest control services. At PHENOM, we provide cockroach pest control that you can rely on.

Protect Your Westminster, MD Home From Termite Damage

several termites on a piece of moist structural wood inside a home in westiminister maryland
Termites are one of the worst pests to find in your home or business because they can do so much damage. While there are other pests that can be destructive, termites are extra difficult as they are often hard to identify until they’ve already done a significant amount of damage to the structures of your home.

No one wants to spend thousands of dollars in repairs because of these pests. There are some things you can do to protect your home. First of all, there are some tips you can follow to keep termites from getting inside:

  • Remove wood, cardboard, or any organic material that is touching the foundation of your home or business.
  • Get rid of dead trees, mulch, and other organic decaying matter on your property.
  • Use dehumidifiers and fix leaky faucets to reduce humidity.

If you suspect you might have termites, the best way to save yourself hassle and money, in the long run, is to contact professional pest control services right away. At Phenom Pest Protection, we can identify and eliminate termites before they become a big problem.

Commercial Pest Control In Westminster, MD

Commercial buildings and businesses of all kinds deal with pest problems. These issues can be bad for business as they can hurt your reputation in the community. Some pests can also leave you with safety and health violations if they aren’t eliminated. At Phenom Pest Protection, we are a family-owned and operated business and we are committed to making sure you are satisfied with our services. We provide pest control to commercial buildings and properties of all kinds.


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