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Termite Season 101: What Every Columbia Property Owner Ought To Know

Apr 16, 2020

When it comes to termites, you need to learn how to protect your home. Termites cause billions of dollars of damage to Americans each year. How can you protect your Columbia home from this damage?

We’ve put together some essential information about termite control. When are they most active? Why do they come to your home? How can you keep them away? Keep reading and let us help protect you from termites this year.

When Is Termite Season?

Did you know termites are actually active year-round? In Columbia, you’re most likely dealing with subterranean termites. These termites live in underground nests and build tunnels to travel from their nest to their food source, which might be the wooden structure of your home.

Because these pests never come out into the open, they can cause problems all year long. Living underground and in the walls, they’re protected from the cold temperatures and harsh weather of winter.

However, termites can become especially active in the spring. See, termites live in a caste system. Worker termites dig tunnels and collect food. Soldier termites protect the colony. Swarmer termites reproduce.

During the spring, swarmer termites will emerge from the nest to mate and find a location to start a new colony. This means swarmer termites are usually the sign of a big problem. Find out what you can do about it.

Identifying A Termite Problem

Without spotting swarmer termites, it can be hard to know whether or not you have an infestation. You probably won’t see worker or soldier termites. You can, and should, check the exterior of your home for signs of termite activity, such as thin mud tunnels leading from the ground to the walls.

However, this time of year swarmers can help you spot termite presence. If you see swarms of these winged termites, it means there is already a colony nearby. In this case, you should call Phenom Pest Protection as soon as possible for help, as they may already be causing damage in your home.

If you only see one or two swarmer termites, it means they are looking to start a new colony in the area. You may only see evidence that swarmers were nearby, like shed wings or dead bodies near the windows or doors.

When you see signs of swarmer termites, you need to act quickly. With help from Phenom Pest Protection, you can bait termites away from your home before they cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Protecting Your Home From Termites

The best way to protect your home is to partner with the professionals. While you can start by inspecting your home for signs of termites, minimizing the moisture in your home, and clearing debris from your yard, your safest option is to partner with us.

At Phenom Pest Protection we are experts in identifying termite presence. We’ll act quickly to stop termites from getting in your home or to remove termites before they cause significant damage.

Let us come alongside you and help you protect your home.

Termites might be looking to relocate this spring, so make sure that you’re prepared to withstand termite season and keep these destructive pests far from your home.


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