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Problems American Cockroaches Cause In Your Columbia, MD Home

Sep 18, 2019

Everyone knows that cockroaches are creepy, but not everyone knows that cockroaches are dangerous. Cockroaches carry and spread a wide variety of dangerous bacteria and diseases; this makes sense considering they spend the majority of their life in sewers, trash heaps, and other filthy places.

There is a reason why it is recommended to wash your hands before eating a meal. All it takes is a little bacteria to get you sick. When cockroaches enter homes, usually through a sewer or utility piping, they don’t wash their hands before looking for a meal. They crawl over surfaces covered in bacteria and pathogens. Some of the most common sickness cockroaches have been known to carry include Typhoid, Polio, Dysentery, and Salmonella.

Cockroaches are also known to shed dead skin. These skin particulates, floating through the air of homes and distributed through ventilation shafts, can trigger asthma attacks in some people.

3 Prevention Tips For Cockroaches

1. Reduce moisture around your home. This can be done by fixing leaks, installing dehumidifiers, and making sure your gutters are properly channeling water away from your home.

2. Eliminate ways cockroaches can access food. To limit their access, store leftover foods inside airtight containers, pick up pet food bowls after they are done with them, clean regularly, and make sure all of your trash cans have tight-fitting lids.

3. Seal your home’s exterior. Check the exterior of your home for gaps or cracks cockroaches could use to get inside. Seal up these entryways using a caulking gun which can be bought from any home improvement store.

DIY vs. Professional Services

Dealing with cockroaches on your own can be a difficult task. Unlike other pests, cockroaches are shy and don’t often come out during the day. They would rather spend their time hidden out of view. This makes it difficult to know if a cockroach treatment is working. If you think you might be making headway with a home remedy, there is no way to tell for sure. In addition, many DIY methods involve the use of dangerous chemicals. Using these chemicals in your home can get you and your family sick, especially if used improperly.

With professional home pest control services, on the other hand, treatments are applied in targeted locations in exactly the right quantities to kill pests but not harm you. A trained professional has the tools and experience needed to know that their treatments are working.

If you are looking for a way to get cockroaches out of your home or looking for a way to keep them out before they invade, the experts here at Phenom Pest Protection can be of assistance. There is no hassle or no hidden fees, just reliable pest control that keeps your home pest-free.

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