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The Key to Keeping Flies Out of Your Columbia Home

Apr 21, 2022

Flies are everywhere — from heaping garbage cans to leftovers on the table, from open wounds to animal droppings and carcasses. Flies carry and spread numerous pathogens around your home, which can cause diseases such as Anthrax, Cholera, Dysentery, Typhoid, Tuberculosis.

Read on to discover the key to keeping flies out of your home and save yourself from the problems they may bring.

Common Flies in Columbia

While various flies can infest a home, the most common flies found in homes in Columbia include:


Houseflies produce a constant buzzing sound and can grow 7mm long. They are gray, and their thorax bears four black stripes. Flies have a short lifespan but multiply quickly and can become a persistent problem if not eliminated. 


a closeup of a fruit fly

Most prevalent in the kitchen, fruit flies are tiny and are typically found around overripe or decaying fruit and produce. Like the housefly, they reproduce rapidly and can infest your home. Fruitflies have a brown or tan appearance and typically grow up to 4mm long. 

Fly Attractants to Get Rid of in Your Columbia Home 


Flies are attracted to the smell of fermented and rotting garbage items. Kitchen bins with decaying organic materials, spoiled food, and feces are the perfect breeding grounds for them. Be sure to promptly dispose of all food waste and keep bins sealed with a tight lid. 


Flies will land on any food left in the open, which means you must keep all food sources covered. If flies land on food, they may contaminate it with the bacteria and parasites they carry.


Like all living things on our planet, flies need water to survive. Homes with stagnant water sources like water buckets, birdbaths, or puddles serve as an attractant to these annoying pests.

Problems Flies Cause

a closeup of several flies

Flies are some of the most common home pests. These bothersome creatures are an eyesore and vectors of various pathogens. 

Flies may lay their eggs in different food items without being noticed, which may be ingested by humans and pet animals. 

Flies cause food contamination and spread several disease-causing germs, leading to dangerous transmissible diseases like typhoid, E. coli, cholera salmonella, and tuberculosis. 

They can also damage your valuables as their droppings can stain fabric and other household items. 

Helpful Tips to Reduce and Eliminate Fly Attractants

The following are some household habits to keep flies at bay:

  • Properly store food and keep surfaces sanitized to maintain cleanliness.
  • Empty your trash cans regularly and use tight sealing bins.
  • Put a plastic trash bag inside garbage bins to avoid grime or smell build-ups. 
  • Wipe spills and clean up crumbs off countertops and dining tables, preferably with disinfectant.
  • Seal all potential entry points like openings and cracks with waterproof caulk to eliminate access.
  • Clean up pet waste immediately, as moist organic matter is a major attractant.
  • Get rid of potential fly hideouts, including leaf piles, old firewood stacks, and compost piles.
  • Fix any plumbing leaks and fill up dips and puddles in your yard to prevent water from attracting flies. Place a dehumidifier in humid areas of your home to prevent moisture from attracting flies.
  • Remember to dispose of dead flies to avoid attracting other pests like carpet beetles.


fruit flies all over a sliced green apple

Had enough of battling flies inside the house on your own without any luck? It may be time to call for professional help! With our team of local pest professionals, we provide reliable and efficient services to prevent, treat, and eliminate flies in Baltimore homes and surrounding areas of Maryland. Talk to us today for pest advice, guidance, and home inspections!


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