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How to Use Exclusion to Keep Cockroaches Out of Maryland Homes

Dec 20, 2021

You might not see cockroaches, but if you’ve noticed egg casings, shed skins, or droppings, it means they’re in your home. You can stop the infestation by making your home less inviting. With proactive steps, you can use a process called exclusion to keep them out of your home in the first place. 

Common Cockroaches in Maryland

Three types of cockroaches make themselves comfortable in Maryland homes. All three species prefer to live outside near plants and trees. Still, they enter homes and look for moist areas like basements, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. 

American Cockroaches

Overhead shot of an American cockroach isolated on a white background

American cockroaches are common pests that measure approximately 50 mm in length and are reddish-brown. They have a yellow outline behind their heads. The adult American cockroaches can fly. 

German Cockroaches 

Overhead shot of a German cockroach isolated against a white background

These small roaches are about 15 mm in length and are light brown. They have wings, but they do not fly. They are easy to recognize by the two stripes behind their heads. 

Oriental Cockroaches

Side-view of an oriental cockroach isolated on a white background

This species is about 25 mm long and is shiny black or dark brown. They have wings, but like German cockroaches, they do not fly. Female oriental cockroaches are larger than males. 

What is an Exclusion Program?

An exclusion program involves sealing your home so insects and pests cannot enter. Cockroaches and other pests can enter through small openings in your screens, foundation, and walls. Once they get in, they’re tough to remove. So, the best way to avoid infestations is to close up the holes. 

With pest exclusion and pest proofing, our pest control experts locate potential entryways. Then, we seal the openings so roaches cannot enter your home. To keep the pests outside, we routinely inspect for new openings and maintain the ones we’ve already closed. 

Pest Exclusion Tools

A group of cockroaches eating crumbs on a counter next to a window

We have several proven pest-exclusion tools at our disposal. The most common tools we use are bait stations and traps to draw roaches and other pests away from your home. They usually have small food bait in them that attract pests. Once they eat the food source, they bring the poison to their nests, killing more roaches. 

We also rely on door sweeps and weather-stripping to close openings below doors and windows. Most homes come with weather-stripping, but it tends to wear out over time. Door sweeps can also wear down as doors open and close. 

We add water-resistant sealants to foundations and other spaces with small openings. 

Finally, we can add air curtains to force a burst of air into garages and other entryways to push roaches and other pests back outside. 

Phenom Pest Protection Exclusion Services

Two cockroaches on a white wall

When you need pest exclusion services, Phenom Pest can help take care of your Maryland home. We offer customized pest proofing and exclusion services. 

  • Inspect: First, we inspect doors, windows, and vents. We also check weather-stripping, door sweeps, and mesh screen conditions. 
  • Identify: Once we identify potential pest entry points, we inspect your home to look for reasons why pests might want to enter. 
  • Maintain: Then, we maintain safety by sealing, filling, patching, and repairing gaps or crevices. We also close openings around utility lines and conduits. 

Cockroach Preventative Measures

To prevent cockroaches from entering, we place interior insect zone monitors, like glue boards, around the perimeter of your home. Then, we apply deterrents in and around the areas where they could enter your home and build a nest. 

Our pest-control steps include placing gel baits in and around cracks and crevices. We also place cockroach bait discs near pet food, garbage cans, pipes, and wiring. 

When you need dependable and effective long-term pest exclusion, contact Phenom Pest Protection!


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