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How Effective Are Glue Traps for Keeping Mice Out of Your Laurel Home?

Jan 4, 2023

Mice bring disease and destruction everywhere they go. When they infest a home, they leave their pellets, urine trails, and greasy marks around your floors and walls. They also bring a musty, disgusting smell, making you want to immediately take care of the problem. As a DIY solution, you may wonder how effective are glue traps for keeping mice out.

How To Tell if You Have Mice in Your Laurel Home?

One mouse might not seem like a big deal, but if you’ve got one, there’s a good chance you have several. Once mice begin breeding in your home, each female mouse could have more than 30 pups annually. Eventually, that one mouse can become many. 

When they move into homes, they will make themselves known, even if you never see a mouse. They chew on shelves, walls, cabinet doors, and food packaging. They’ll also scratch and gnaw on baseboards and floors. 

Mice will leave crumbs in unexpected places, like your pantry shelves and in the middle of floors far from the kitchen. You might also see mouse pellets mixed in with the crumbs in cabinets and dark corners of your basement, bathrooms, and garages. Use a flashlight to identify their black, oblong pellet droppings. 

The pesky rodents make nests from shredded newspapers, cardboard boxes, old clothing, or other soft materials. If you are up at night, you might see mice near their nest or hear them running around your home or inside your walls. 

Are Glue Traps Effective for Keeping Mice Out?

How effective are glue traps for keeping mice out? Glue traps are effective tools for catching mice, but they only kill one mouse at a time. These inexpensive and useful traps are free of poisons and dangerous snap devices. Children and pets cannot get hurt by glue traps, but mice will get stuck to them and die from dehydration

Pro Tips for Setting Up Mouse Traps

Before you set up your mouse traps, take a minute to plan your attack so you can catch as many mice as possible. The traps are sticky, so do not touch the glue and bait in the middle of the tray. Only touch the outer, glue-free edges. 

Mice like to eat peanut butter, seeds, and grains. You can put any of those in the middle of the glue trap to attract them, but don’t put too much on the trap. The tray needs enough glue to trap the mouse. 

Put the traps in the areas where you find pellets, crumbs, and grease marks. Mice will run together on the same paths, so place several trays in the same location, but don’t expect they will fill up overnight. 

How To Prevent a Mouse Problem

Preventing mice from entering your home is easier than exterminating them. You can mouse-proof your home by 

  • Replacing rotting weatherstripping
  • Installing screens on windows and doors
  • Using a dehumidifier in the basement and other moist areas
  • Keep landscaping away from your home’s foundation
  • Fill small foundation cracks with steel wool 

Got a Mouse Problem? Call Phenom Pest Protection Now!

Regardless of how effective glue traps are for keeping mice out, mice can have many litters annually, so quickly removing them from your home is of utmost importance. The professional exterminators at Phenom Pest Protection are experts at helping homeowners say goodbye to their rodent problems. Call our Laurel pest control experts today!


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