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How Dangerous Are Rodents In My Baltimore Home?

Jan 15, 2021

Baltimore and its surrounding areas are full of rodents. Whether you’re in nature or in your own home, you’re likely to come across one type of rodent or another. And while you probably don’t welcome rodents into your home, you might not realize how dangerous they are. Learn more about the hazards of Baltimore rodents.

About Baltimore Rodents

Rodents in Maryland are everywhere. As far as rats go, you’re most likely to come across the Norway rat. This rat is brown in color and has a thick and long body. By far, the most common mouse to find inside local homes is the house mouse. This small rodent is often brown, but much smaller than the Norway rat. Other common rodents include deer mice and field mice.

Although it helps to be able to identify home-invading rodents in the area, it doesn’t really matter much what type of rodent you have in your property. Despite their differences, all rodents share the ability to do damage to your health and your home. If you spot any signs of rodents, call a pest control technician to identify the rodent and act quickly.

Why Rodents Are Dangerous

There are several characteristics that make rodents dangerous pests. All of the following are examples of the dangers of local rodents:

  • They can cause fires. Rodents like to chew on things, no matter what they may be. Unfortunately, this means bad things for your home. If a mouse or rat chews on your electrical wiring, they could sever your wires and create a fire hazard. It could be only a matter of time before the faulty wiring causes a house fire.
  • They can cause flooding. In addition to getting to your wiring, rodents can also get to your pipes. Although they can’t chew through metal pipes, they sometimes chew through PVC pipes. If a rodent chews on the wrong pipe, they could cause a serious leak. Not only would you need to repair the plumbing, but you could also be left with expensive water damage.
  • They spread disease. Perhaps the worst characteristic of rodents is their ability to transmit disease. When rodents hang out in dumpsters and alleyways, they pick up all sorts of pathogens and viruses. Then, they enter your home and spread those pathogens and viruses everywhere. Although anyone in your home can become ill, children and the elderly are the most at risk. It’s worth mentioning that rodents don’t only spread diseases by biting humans. They also spread diseases through their urine and feces. As rodents walk around your home, they have the potential to make you sick.
  • They cause respiratory issues. If anyone in your home has asthma or allergies, they could suffer when rodents are around. All rodents have proteins that trigger allergies. Typically, they trigger runny noses, red eyes, and other symptoms.
  • They contaminate your food. Rodents can contaminate your food in an instant. When they get into your food, they make it inedible. Eating traces of rodent urine or feces isn’t just disgusting — it’s dangerous.

Can You Protect Your Home?

If you want to keep your home safe from the dangers of rodents, there are a few things you can do. In addition to storing your food properly, you should also store your trash properly. This makes food much less available to rodents.

That said, there’s only one truly effective way to keep rodents from taking over your home. Working with a pest control professional is the only way to know your home is safe. When you want to avoid the dangers of rodent infestations, call us at Phenom Pest Protection.


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