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Everything You Need To Know About Cockroaches In Maryland

Jan 27, 2020

Cockroaches are some of the most-talked-about and most despised pests you can find in your home. Their appearance is rather disgusting, and they can be quite hard to get rid of. They reproduce quickly and spread fast, and they often make their way into areas such as kitchens where they can get into food and drinks. They cause many health issues as they are known to spread a variety of diseases.

There are many different kinds of cockroaches in Maryland including the American, brown-banded, German, Oriental, and smoky brown varieties. However, the most common cockroach found in Maryland homes is the German cockroach followed by the American cockroach.

What Do Cockroaches Look Like?

In general, all cockroaches have two antennae and brown, flat, oval-shaped bodies that range between 3/4 and 3 inches long. American cockroaches are the largest cockroaches and have wings that allow them to fly. They are also a darker mahogany color with a yellow figure-eight marking located behind their heads. German cockroaches are generally tan to light brown with two black stripes that are located behind their heads. They can’t fly.

Risks Cockroaches Pose

While some pests are just nuisance pests and don’t really pose any health hazards, this isn’t the case for cockroaches. These pests can carry and transmit bacteria and disease. Their bodies and waste can also cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks for some people. Plus, they can easily spread germs and other contaminants into your food as well as stain floors, clothing, and more.

Cockroaches are definitely a big problem. In summation, they:

  • Have been known to spread and carry over thirty different diseases.

  • Can contaminate your food.

  • Can cause stains in your home and on your clothes.

  • Can cause allergic reactions or asthma attacks.

Ways To Keep Cockroaches Out

Cockroaches often spread quickly through townhomes or apartments. They often live around trash and dumpsters, but they can also be found in sewers, tree bark, compost, and more. Once inside, they will nest in many places including drains, pipes, appliances, drawers, and any other dark place. They are commonly found in basements, kitchens, or bathrooms. Certain things can attract cockroaches, so it’s important to follow some tips to help prevent them from coming into your home.

  • Don’t leave pet food out.

  • Clean up food messes and crumbs.

  • Fix leaky pipes.

  • Make sure window screens don’t have holes in them.

  • Check for and fill in cracks in the structures of your home.

  • Place weather stripping around windows and doors.

  • Regularly vacuum and keep your house clean.

Getting Rid of Cockroaches

While prevention is important and can often keep cockroaches out, you can’t always prevent them for good. Especially if you live in an apartment complex, cockroaches can spread from other units. And even if you’re in a single-family home, cockroaches can get inside.

While there are at-home options you might be tempted to try, many of these don’t work well and are a waste of money. They can also be hazardous in some cases, so it’s best to leave getting rid of cockroaches to the pros. The experts at Phenom Pest Protection can get rid of cockroaches in your home for good and do so in a safe way. Contact us today to find out more.


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