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Damage Rats Cause to Baltimore Homes

Mar 23, 2022

Baltimore property owners may find themselves concerned about rat infestations. Rats can cause various types of damage and destruction to a home. 

Black and brown rats are the most common home invaders, although more than 60 species exist. Here’s everything you need to know about identifying a rat infestation in your home.

What Are Rats?

Rats are medium-sized rodents with short hair, a long naked tail, and sharp front teeth. They have a pointed snout, protruding eyes, and rounded ears. 

Black and brown rats typically weigh 10-18 ounces and grow about 5 inches long. 

What do Rats Look for?


Rats are omnivores and eat almost everything. They may target grains, nuts, fruits, veggies, bread, meat, and pet food. 


Rats need water to survive. However, rats can survive for about a month or more without drinking water as long as they have access to food.


Rats seek warmth and shelter in dark areas like under furniture, appliances, and other hidden areas of your home.

Signs That You Have a Rat Problem

Annoying Sounds and Smells

Rats are loud creatures and make munching, squeaking, sprinting, scratching, and rustling noises as they move around your house at night. Rats also give off a strong ammonia smell, so a musty, strong odor is a sign of a rat infestation.

Foot & Tail Markings

Foot and tail markings are a strong indicator of a rat infestation in your home.You might find these in a seldom used, dusty corner of your home. Or, sprinkle a layer of flour or baking soda on the floor and check for markings in it the next day.

Rat Droppings

Small, dark-colored, rat droppings are usually half an inch in length and resemble the size and shape of an olive or a black seed.


Rats cause damage by leaving gnaw marks on electrical cords, furniture, food containers, or paper. They may also eat food left on your kitchen counter.

Damage Caused by Rats

Damage to Valuables

Rats can burrow into cushions and rip out the batting of your valuable furniture. They will chew on almost anything, like important documents, photographs, books, and clothes.

Noise Pollution

Rats are noisy animals, and their gnawing, scratching, squeaking, or hissing sounds can cause sleepless nights and interrupted relaxation.

Nesting Activity

Rats can access and bring in different materials to establish nests inside your walls, under the sink and cabinets, and behind or inside appliances.

Risk of Electrocution and Electrical Fires

Rats chew on insulation and electrical wiring. Damaged electrical wires increase the risk of electrocution and electrical fires. About 25% of undetermined fires in the United States are attributed to rodent damage.

Structural Damage

Rats may chew on and cause damage to drywall, insulation, wood, and other building materials to find their way to safe hiding spots and food sources.

Health Risks

Rodent infestations pose significant health risks to your family. Rat feces, urine, scratches, and bites can spread diseases and illnesses to humans and pets. 

Rats carry parasites that can cause secondary pest problems. Anything that comes in contact with their bodies and excrement may become contaminated and dangerous to your health.

Avoid Rat Damages

Avoid the expensive and often irreparable damages that rats cause with expert pest control services from Phenom Pest Control. Call now to learn more and keep your home and family safe from the dangers associated with rodent infestation!


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