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Are These Ants Around My Columbia Home Dangerous?

May 13, 2020

While they might not be leading members of Columbia’s dangerous pest hierarchy, there are some important things homeowners should know about these tiny backyard arthropods. And they aren’t all good.

The Columbia area faces many types of unique ant species, many of which are found all around our backyards, homes, and commercial businesses. The most common of these are:

  • The Stinging, Painful Red Fire Ant
  • The Stinking, Sly Odorous House Ant
  • The Wood-Eating Carpenter Ant
  • The Nefarious, Nesting Pavement Ant
  • The Picnic Picketing Argentine Ant

Although each species of ant is defined by a set of unique characteristics, there are certain physical attributes shared between all members of the Formicidae family. Most ants measure between 1 to 25 millimeters in size, boasting earth-toned color patterns of red, yellow, black, brown, and even a light cream. Ants are nest-building insects, meaning that their colonies will be located within a substance of their preference. These nests can grow to hundreds of thousands of members over the course of a single summer, and quickly reproduce or ‘bud’ into dozens of new colonies. Their three distinctive body segments, elbowed antennae, and pronounced mandibles are excellent giveaways as to their specific pest type.

Many homeowners overlook these backyard invaders, writing them off as ‘harmless’ or ‘innocuous’ pests. However, these fiendish Formicidae should not be allowed to reside anywhere on your property.

The Complete Guide To Ant Issues In Colombia

Most ants in Colombia are considered nuisance pests, but  there are varying degrees of danger associated with these creatures. The danger that an ant poses to your home and family is entirely related to the species in question. Some of the harmless species are listed below.

Pavement ants and Argentine ants may not be dangerous, but they are ever-present nuisances known to contaminate available food sources. it is important to note that almost all ants have the potential to contaminate food sources.

While many ant species are not harmless, many more still are destructive and even dangerous.

  • Fire ants inject their victims with a painful fluid that causes a burning sensation up and down the punctured skin. More than just a painful annoyance, these stings can cause severe reactions in at-risk individuals and may require hospitalization in severe cases.
  • Odorous house ants fill your home with a rotten, musky scent that seems to emanate from everywhere all at once.
  • Carpenter ants bore holes in wood to house their growing larvae, possibly costing homeowners thousands of dollars’ for repairs.
  • Pharaoh ants are a healthcare facility’s worst nightmare, spreading all kinds of dangerous illnesses and infections from room to room.
  • The little-known harvester ant can destroy lawns and landscaping features in a matter of months.
  • Crazy ants have been known to invade electrical equipment, causing electrical shorts and house fires.

Unless ant infestations are dealt with immediately, your backyard ‘harmless’ ant mound may transform into something threatening or even dangerous.

Handle Your Infestation With Phenom Pest Protection

While it may seem tempting to handle an incoming ant infestation all on your own, it would be wise to step back and consider your alternatives. Ants of all types are increasingly more difficult to eliminate. Unless professional pest control treatments are used, homeowners may be facing a recurring ant problem that ‘buds’ and grows with each DIY treatment.

The best way to handle an infestation of any type of ant is with the knowledgeable professionals at Phenom Pest Protection. We serve the community with quality treatments, friendly customer service, and helpful prevention advice. Contact the team at Phenom Pest Protection to secure your home from ant infestations today.


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