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3 Things Every Columbia, MD Resident Should Know About Carpenter Ants

Aug 15, 2019

Everyone is used to seeing ants and ant hills in their yard. Mostly these hills are harmless, and the ants that populate them are no more than a small nuisance. However, when these tiny scavengers begin wandering into areas they don’t belong and munching on things they shouldn’t be munching on, they go from being a small nuisance to becoming a big problem. Today we are talking about a certain species of ant that is destroying homes here in Columbia. Here three things every Columbia resident should know about carpenter ants.

1. Carpenter Ants Don’t Have Hills

Unlike most ants, carpenter ants do not create ant hills. Instead of building nests underground, as other ants do, they build nests inside wood. Not just any wood, but wood that has been softened due to water damage and rot. This could be anything from a tree in your yard to a part of your home that has been affected by flooding, leaks, or high humidity.

2. Carpenter Ants Do Not Eat Wood

Unlike the most common and destructive wood-destroying pests (termites), carpenter ants do not eat wood, they only tunnel through it to construct galleys. These galleys are built or rather carved out, to make more room for expanding populations of carpenter ants. The longer carpenter ants are allowed to do this, the more extensive (and expensive) their damage becomes.

3. Carpenter Ants Are Easier To Prevent Than To Eliminate

If your home is currently carpenter ant-free, keeping it that way is not an impossible task. With regular home maintenance and a few safety measures, you should be able to deter any hungry ants looking to settle in. Here are a few of our suggestions.

  • Make sure your home is not leaking. Check your piping and air conditioning units to make sure no water is being allowed to negatively affect the wood of your home.
  • Check your gutters. Make sure they are clear and properly channeling water away from your home.
  • Repair or replace water-damaged or rotting wood around your home.
  • Clear organic debris away from your yard and store firewood at least 30 ft from the exterior of your home.
  • Trim back tree branches and bushes from the walls of your home.
  • Seal cracks or gaps found in your home’s exterior foundation using a caulking gun.
  • Invest in quality pest control. This is the absolute best way to ensure your home stays carpenter ant-free.

If carpenter ants have already eaten into the wood of your home, DIY is no longer a reliable option. Your best solution is to call in the professionals here at Phenom Pest Protection. We have the tools and experience needed to quickly get your home carpenter ant-free.

To find out more about our carpenter ant elimination and exclusion programs, give us a call! One of our friendly service representatives would be happy to find a solution that is right for you.


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