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What Foods Commonly Attract Ants to Laurel, MD Homes

Jul 27, 2022

Ants are common pests in Laurel, MD homes. An ant infestation is a nuisance. Even worse, these pesky creatures can be a source of significant problems, including causing structural damage to the home and posing potential health risks

There are various species of ants, each with different diets and reproduction cycles. Your Laurel, MD home may become the perfect place for some of these as they search for easy access to food, water, and shelter. 

So, what foods commonly attract ants into a home? Read on to find out!

How Do Ants Get Into My Home?

Due to their tiny size, ants can fit into the tiniest openings and make their way inside your home. They may enter through poorly sealed doorways, window frames, or gaps or cracks in the walls, floors, or your home’s foundation. 

Often, ants travel along utility pipes, through vents, or establish routes under the carpet, tiles, or wooden floor. You can prevent ants from getting inside your home by: 

  • Using weather-sealing doors
  • Ensuring that window screens are in good condition
  • Fixing any holes, gaps, or cracks in the wall with caulk
  • Maintaining your home by keeping it free from any clutter, crumbs, and spills
  • Clearing trash regularly
  • Storing leftover foods in sealed containers or in the fridge

What Foods Commonly Attract Ants

crazy ants on sugar cubes over a wooden table

Ants primarily enter homes seeking potential food sources. While they will consume a variety of foods as opportunistic feeders, the following are some specific items that are hard to resist for these creepy crawlers:

Sweets or Sugary Foods

There is no other food that attracts ants more than those that are sweet or sugary. Some examples of sugary foods that will not take long to trigger an ant infestation include candies, soft drinks, fruit juices, jellies, jams, over-ripe fruits, honey, syrup, cookies, and other sweet baked foods.

This may also include spills and crumbs on the counter and on the floor, which is why it’s important to keep surfaces as clean as possible. Remember to wipe or vacuum under appliances and furniture, too.


Ants love to feed on grains as they contain carbohydrates and are a great food source for them. Grains that ants may target include bread, rice, pasta, pretzels, chips, or crackers.  

Foods With Fat & Protein

Most ant species are also attracted to protein-based and fatty foods. Some examples of food with grease or protein include butter, meat or eggs, cheese, milk, and nuts. Wrappers from meals containing traces of grease or oil also serve as major ant attractants.

Lastly, ants are decomposers and of great ecological importance. Accordingly, they feed on dead insects and decaying organic matter like leaves, branches, and algae.

Say Goodbye to Ants Today!

close up of ants feeding on crackers

You can keep ants from invading your Laurel, MD Home by taking some preventive measures to keep them at bay. But once ants infest your home, it’s best to call a pest control expert. 

At Phenom Pest Control, we offer comprehensive services to target the root of the infestation. Our team of highly trained and experienced exterminators uses top-of-the-line tools and effective products to provide customized solutions for your pest control needs. We will also provide you with effective tips to help minimize the pest problem and avoid future invasions. 

Call us today to schedule a free pest control inspection by our team of local pest professionals and learn more about our services!


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