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What Do Mouse and Rat Droppings Look Like?

Oct 25, 2022

One of the first signs of a pest infestation in your home is noticing those tiny yet horrifying droppings that rodents leave just about everywhere. And before you think this problem could never happen to you, keep in mind that 29 percent of Americans have had a rodent problem, and 21 million homes in the U.S. deal with a mouse or rat infestation yearly. 

But what do mouse and rat droppings look like? Identifying what type of rodent is in your home is critical in combating the problem. 

Rodent Droppings: What Do Mouse and Rat Droppings Look Like?

Before eliminating a pest in your home, you must know what type of pest you’re dealing with. Once you have identified whether you have rats or mice, you can take a more catered approach to extermination. 

Mouse Droppings

Not only are mice smaller than rats, but their feces are smaller than that of rats. Mouse droppings will average about ⅛ of an inch and no larger than ¼ of an inch. It’s comparable to about the size of a grain of rice. Mouse droppings are usually blackish-brown to gray and have a solid, mud-like texture. They are often pointed on both ends of their rice-like shape. Mice produce about 50 to 75 pellets in 24 hours. 

Rat Droppings

If the rodents in your home are excellent hiders, droppings may be your only indication that you have rats instead of mice. Due to the larger size of rats compared to mice, these pests have larger droppings than the latter. Their droppings take a similar shape but are longer than mice droppings and can be up to an inch long. 

Rat feces also have rounded ends and can look similar to coffee beans or small raisins from a distance. They are black with a glossy sheen. The older a dropping is, the grayer and dryer it will appear. 

Cleaning and Disinfection of Mouse and Rat Droppings

close up of rat pellets on wood corners

It’s crucial to not only clean up rodent droppings but also to disinfect the area. This is because both mice and rats can spread germs and harmful diseases to pets and humans through droppings. Use a 10 percent bleach solution to clean up the mess. Soak paper towels in the solution and pick up the droppings while wearing gloves. Once you’ve removed all the droppings, use the bleach solution to clean the surface. 

How to Deal with a Rodent Infestation

Discovering a rodent infestation can be scary and overwhelming. But don’t fret—take a breath and read through these helpful tips: 

  • Seal any entry points to your house, including damaged doors, windows, and attics. 
  • Keep a clean, clutter-free household and store all food in sealed containers. 
  • Repair any leaking pipes that may attract rodents. 
  • Maintain your property by trimming overgrown shrubs and cutting branches hanging over your house.  
  • Remove any potential food sources.

When in doubt, call the experts at Phenom Pest Control for more help. Phenom’s guaranteed pest control solutions are available to residential and commercial customers in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. So if you’re dealing with a rodent infestation, call today for a fast and easy pest control inspection.


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