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What Attracts Ants to Frederick Businesses & How to Handle Them

Mar 18, 2022

There are over 12,000 species of ants around the world. The majority of these species are harmless to humans, but ants can carry harmful bacteria and are a nuisance. During warmer months, these invaders begin to forage for food and water sources.

Because ants are so tiny, it can be difficult to spot a problem in your Frederick business before it’s too late. You may need professional help to solve the problem.

What Attracts Ants Inside Businesses?

If you have ants in your Frederick business, it may be because of one of the following attractions. 

Food Source 

ants crawl on top of bread

Ants need a food source near their colonies to survive. These insects love anything that’s sugary, fatty, or full of protein, but there’s not much they won’t go after.

If your business leaves any kind of food, crumbs, spills, or leftovers out, it can easily attract ants. Even pet food can bring these insects through your doors.

Standing Water 

Like any other living creature, ants need water. Standing water is sure to attract any kind of ant, as they will drink it and bring it back in droplets to their colonies. Plumbing leaks, toilets, sinks, and wet wood can attract ants. 

Good Nesting Spot for Their Colony

ants swarm a crevice near a yellow pipe

When conditions outdoors are very dry, ants set up their colonies inside. Sheltered, warm areas near a food and water source make excellent habitats for ants. They nest in the walls, under the floor, under pantry cabinets, and inside trash cans.


Ants are attracted to plants for their moist soil. Some plants grow aphids, which secrete a sweet substance ants love called honeydew. 

How Do Ants Get Into Businesses?

Ants are very tiny and can squeeze into buildings through tiny gaps.

Some of an ant’s entry points include:

  • Open or cracked doors
  • Crevices in foundations
  • Gaps under doors
  • Poorly sealed windows
  • Through sinks and drains
  • Along utility pipes and wires
  • Through subflooring

How to Handle Your Ant Problem: Prevention 101

Prevention is the best way to prevent an ant problem. Here are some of the methods to prevent ants:

Maintain Cleanliness

ants crawl all over food remnants on a plate

One of the best ways to avoid ants in your business is to maintain a clean workspace. Be sure to tidy up food preparation areas at the end of each day; sweep floors, wipe counters, and clear out sinks. 

It’s also important to take out the trash at the end of each day. Store food in tightly-sealed containers and don’t let dirty dishes sit around. 

Eliminate Entry Points

By eliminating entry points, ants will have no way to get inside. Seal off small gaps in doors, windows, walls, and the foundation. 

Fix Water Leaks

red ants crawl on a knob of a pipe

As we mentioned above, standing water is a target for ants. Do a thorough inspection of your business’s piping and water systems to ensure there are no leaks that can lead to standing water. 

Avoid Dampness

In addition to leaky pipes, ants are attracted to moisture and dampness. To avoid this, use dehumidifiers in humid rooms, don’t leave wet towels sitting around, and ensure moist areas get quality airflow. 

What to Do For Existing Ants

closeup picture of ants crawling on a wall

It’s not always enough to kill the ants that you see or simply move them back outside. If you see some ants, there are probably more. Additionally, ants leave scent trails behind so that others can find their way to food and water sources.

Try using natural deterrents such as vinegar solutions or coffee beans to clean up their trails and affect their sense of smell. You can also use certain insecticides, but be sure they are safe and not used around food, animals, or people. 

When all else fails, contact a professional. At Phenom Pest Protection, we have the tools and experience it takes to handle even the largest ant infestation, so call us today to get the job done right.


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