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Trusted Vole Control & Removal in Columbia, MD

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Voles will wreak havoc on your garden and lawn, causing trees to become sick, plants to die, and flowers to wilt. They also create holes in your yard which create a tripping hazard. If you need vole control in Columbia, MD, we are the experts! Our vole control services are the best around, and we can get the infestation under control quickly and eliminate these pesky critters efficiently, so your plants and lawn can thrive again. 

If you’re tired of voles taking over your yard, call the Columbia MD vole control experts at Phenom Pest Control now: (410) 312-7233

What Are Voles?

Voles are small rodents, also called meadow mice, that are relatives of lemmings and hamsters. They have stout bodies, long tails, and round heads, so they look like chubby mice. They can be found in grasslands and mountainous areas throughout the US. They eat mostly plants, including trees, grass, and flowers. So, they can be a nightmare for your landscaping.

Columbia MD Vole Control &  Removal Services

If you love your lush green grass, perky flowers, and majestic trees, voles are a menace. They will gnaw at your lawn, trees, and shrubs, burrowing into the root systems to eat the stems. So they do irreparable damage to your plants.

We have advanced vole infestation treatments that we personalize to your landscaping and infestation level. We can rid your property of voles while protecting your landscaping, leaving your lawn and garden as beautiful as ever and free of voles. Our team can solve your infestation problems efficiently and thoroughly.

What Is Included in Our Vole Control & Removal Service

So, how do we handle those pesky voles ruining your plants? We have a detailed vole control and removal process that ensures we leave your property vole-free. It starts with a comprehensive home inspection, where we identify vole hotspots and place bait stations there. We will perform three bait treatments within three weeks of beginning the process. We’ll check in regularly to ensure the critters have stayed away and there are no signs of them returning.

Vole Control & Removal FAQs

Why are voles in my yard?

Voles are probably in your yard because there is an abundance of vegetation for them to snack on. Homes with large, flourishing gardens and luscious lawns are more likely to experience a vole infestation.

When is the best time for vole pest control?

The best time to deal with your vole problem is in early spring, as this is before their mating season. The infestation can become substantially worse following the mating season.

Are voles a danger to my family?

No, voles are not a danger to your family, only to your plants. They are timid creatures who do not often carry diseases, so they’re more of a nuisance than a hazard.

Our pest control experts can help get rid of voles and other pests in your Columbia, MD property. Call now to get started!

Got Voles? We Can Help!

Signs of a vole infestation include small burrows or tunnels, droppings, vegetation debris, gnaw marks on plants, and sick trees. If you suspect voles are attacking your plants, call our certified pest control experts for the most advanced and effective methods to deal with your vole problems. We tailor our vole control services to your situation to mitigate the pest problem quickly. For a free and honest quote, reach out to Phenom Pest Protection today!


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