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The 5 Quickest Ways to Get Rid of Mice in Baltimore Homes

Sep 20, 2021

Mice may seem cute in movies and pet stores. Still, there are few things as startling as witnessing one scurry across the floor of your home.

A mouse infestation can be costly. These pests damage your home and valuables and compromise your health with rodent-borne diseases. If you notice any signs of mice in your Baltimore home, act quickly to keep the problem from escalating.

Locate Entryways

If you notice signs of a mouse infestation, find where the mice are getting in and block that entry. 

Be thorough in your investigation, as all it takes is one point of entry for an infestation. Once all potential entries are blocked, next, you’ll need to check for signs of a nest. You can place the traps near it for the best chance of catching and disposing of the pests. 

Often, following the mouse droppings will lead you in the direction of the nest.

Put Up Mouse Traps

A mouse in a metal live catch trap.

Electric traps are a humane option that kills mice with electric voltage. Most will then display a light on top that alerts you to the dead mouse.

Live catch traps utilize bait to catch mice, enclosing them in a small cage. This method is only effective if you’ve sufficiently sealed all entry points to your house. Otherwise, a mouse will simply try to re-enter your home after release.

A snap trap is the traditional mouse-catching method that employs a spring-loaded bar triggered by the rodent’s weight. These traps often make use of bait, although some come pre-scented to attract mice. 

Sticky traps or glue traps consist of pads that rodents get stuck on when they run across them. These are the most inhumane traps and generally avoided, as they are also the least hygienic.


A pest control professional in blue gloves preparing traps for mice

While many movies and cartoons depict cheese as the best way to lure in mice, cheese doesn’t stay fresh for long. Peanut butter is a better alternative because it stays fresh longer, has a strong smell, and sticks to traps well.

Nesting materials such as cotton balls can also be efficient bait for mice when used with a trap.

Mouse poisons can be highly effective for killing mice but are risky to use in the home. These products often contain anticoagulant rodenticides, which take around two to six days to kill mice.

Examples of these kinds of products are chlorophacinone, diphacinone, and warfarin. All of these are blood thinners that act against the liver. These compounds have a similar effect on humans and other animals, so it’s crucial to use these poisons safely.

They can take several days to take effect, and they should only sit out for a maximum of seven days. 

Good Sanitation

Mice are much more likely to frequent places where they have easier access to food.

Failing to declutter, vacuum, or dispose of waste often creates an optimal environment for mice.

Crumbs around the house encourage infestation, while clutter provides ample materials for nesting. Seal pet food tightly in airtight containers; metal containers work well.

Adopting good sanitation habits can keep your home free of mice and help you avoid other pests as well. 

Mice Exclusion

A mouse peering out from wooden slats

Rodent exclusion blocks all rodent access to your home. All of the entry points, whether small or large, get addressed and properly blocked so you can get rid of mice.

Proper and thorough mice exclusion includes sealing off any holes or gaps that exceed ¼ of an inch in diameter. These can occur in your home’s foundation, vents, or utility cable openings, or even around water pipes.

The best seals are long-lasting and made with caulk, metal, or even concrete. However, temporary seals can also be effective and can be formed with steel wool or scouring pads.

Another commonplace of entry is doors or windows without a proper, tight close. If you need to adjust the fit of your doors or windows, don’t use easily gnawed materials. Avoid rubber, vinyl, wood, plastic screening, or insulating foam.

Quickest Way to Get Rid of Mice in Baltimore

It is difficult to enact mice exclusion on your own. Phenom Pest Protection has years of experience. We can pinpoint exactly where mice are entering your home. We perform quality, efficient mouse exclusion and extermination in the Baltimore area. We pride ourselves on helping you keep your home safe, clean, and secure. To learn more about our pest control solutions, call us today!


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