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Our 5 Step Treatment Process


Free Inspection

Onsite inspection by a trained technician. Checking all areas thoroughly for everything from spiders and ants, to mice and roaches or larger rodents.


Interior Treatment

To guarantee a thorough treatment, we service the interior of your home on the first service, including basements, plumbing areas, attic care, windowsills, and floorboard treatment in every room and even crack and crevice treatment in your kitchen and bathrooms just to name a few. Our interior product is odorless, effective and safe for pets and humans.

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Exterior Treatment

On the exterior we’ll also do crack and crevice treatment around the foundation of your home and drive/walkways. This includes a power spray application around the foundation, outside windowsills, flowerbeds, and even your second story eves and windows.

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Kid & Pet Safe

To make sure your yard is safe for your kids and pets to run around and play in, we use granules derived directly from plants that have a natural repellant for service pests such as ants, spiders, roaches, chiggers, fleas, ticks, earwigs etc.

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Repeat Treatment

We then return to service the exterior of your home on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis - determined by your preference – to ensure that your home consistently remains pest free. Interior services are schedule upon request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Phenom different from other companies?

We love to get asked this question! We pride ourselves on the services, product, and customer service we provide our customers. Being a family owned company we make sure we provide the services which are considered extras and extra costs by other companies, as part of our standard pest treatments. We treat you, like we treat our own family! For example, while every company will treat around the foundation of the home, we go above and beyond by completing a full pressure application around the entire second story of your home, to target those hard to reach wasp nests, spider nests and entry points for stink bugs. We also use a product that is the longest lasting in the pest control industry, guaranteed! CONTACT US TO FIND OUT MORE!

Do you treat the inside of my home too?

Of course! We will treat the inside of your home – including your attic, behind your walls where your plumbing is, your basement garage and every room in the house – on the initial service, and then upon request during any other time throughout the year as needed. We do recommend having at least 2 indoor treatments a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall.

Is the stuff you use safe for my kids and pets?

YES! The main products we use are all organic based, being derived from the chrysanthemum and marigold flowers. In fact, your normal kitchen and bathroom cleaners are more harmful than what we use.

How do I know I’ll be satisfied with the services?

We are so sure of the services we provide, that we GUARANTEE THEM 100%! If a pesky pest sneaks in or around your home or if you see something anytime between your scheduled services then we’ll come back and take care of it for you at NO EXTRA CHARGE! Just give us a call!

Why should I have a professional pest protection service?

Our company representatives are professionals that are trained and certified to handle the specific pest issues that you will encounter in and around your home. Not only are our technicians trained in the proper application of materials used to eliminate and prevent pests; but having them come on a regular schedule will allow you to have more time at home with your family, and less time having to worry about pests. Schedule a service today!

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PHENOM knows that the demands of your job, family and other activities don’t provide you to time to worry about your home being pest free. Remove the stress of having to buy, store and apply pesticides around your home by using a responsible professional you can trust. PHENOM has trained and licensed technicians that are specialists in customizing a treatment process specifically for the needs or your home.

Your safety is our first priority. The misapplication of chemicals can potentially contaminate your home, and actually increase the pest problems. Our trained technicians will identify pest threats and treat the areas of your home most susceptible. Our dedication to safety ensures a customized solution best for your family, pets and home environment.

It is important to completely break-up the life cycle of current pests including eggs, larva, pupa, nymphs, and adults. PHENOM will return within 30-45 days to ensure a life cycle halt. This will then start your regular service schedule.  Below we explain 5 easy steps we implement to ensure an environment without pests.

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Businesses know that pests in the workplace are a nuisance and a health concern. A pest problem can also be a deterrent to customers, which in turn takes current and new business opportunities away. PHENOM specializes in creating a tailored approach to your specific business needs.

You have a lot of resources invested into your business, don’t allow pests to ruin that. PHENOM has a commercial program that after a thorough inspection by our trained professionals, we will be able to implement to cover all the needs your business may have.

Safety and sanitation is a priority in the workplace. The misapplication of chemicals can potentially contaminate your work environment and actually increase the pest problems. Our trained technicians will identify pest threats and treat the areas of your business that are most susceptible. Our dedication to safety ensures a customized solution best for your work environment, employees and customers.

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Our Treatment Process

About Us

Phenom Pest Protection is a local family owned business that is focused on providing phenomenal customer service with phenomenal results in protecting your family from pests. We pride ourselves in building relationships that last built on satisfaction and trust. We’re so sure of our services, we offer a 100% guarantee that you’ll be satisfied. If at any time issues arise between treatments, we will take care of it promptly – free of charge! Just give us a call!



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